Membership Application

LIBC Membership Application

As a prospective member, you are aware that boats (current and future) utilising the harbour are limited to measurements set out in the Club’s Bye-Laws which are available to view in the club house. All boats must be measured by the Harbour Managers to enforce compliance with the maximum size regulations before receiving permission to enter berth area of harbour.

If ever in breach of this limitation, the Committee is authorized to remove my boat from the harbour without reference to myself. I acknowledge that this rule will be strictly applied.

In the event of you wishing to resign your membership, you must only do so in writing to the club manager via the email address

You also confirm that in the event of membership being full, your name will be placed on a waiting list.

Please complete all of the required fields in the form below. If any one of them are not applicable, please just put in that field NO.

1 October 2020 Club Joining Fee – R4000.00

1 October 2020 Annual Subscriptions – R1200.00

Berth levy per year – R2 800.00

Parking per year – R1 500.00

Canoe rack storage per year – R620.00

Be aware of `phishing` as this is becoming a problem.

When we are paying out any amounts of money to members, we will first phone the member directly to check that the bank account displayed is the correct one. We will not use any telephone numbers featured on the e-mail or correspondence.

We will only phone the member using the numbers captured on the database.

The club is also not liable for any moneys paid by a member into teh wrong account.