Berth & Trailer Parking Letting

Berth & Trailer Parking Letting

Terms and conditions:

  1. Non-members to apply for temporary membership.
  2. Payment in full for the period indicated on the rental agreement within seven days from the date of signing of this agreement. Non-payment by due date will result in berth or parking being cancelled and reverting back into the letting pool. No correspondence will be entered into in the event of a cancellation due to non-payment.
  3. No refund unless agreed to by the owner of the berth.
  4. Cancellation of hiring of berth or parking bay to be confirmed no later than 14 (Fourteen) days before start date of lease.
  5. Temporary members may be required to attach trailer stickers supplied by LIBC
  6. Temporary members to abide by rules and regulations of LIBC
  7. All bookings are subject to availability to space

Limitations of Vessels

  • Vessel Length – 6.1 metres x 2.4 metres beam on berths ‘B / C / D / E
  • Vessel Length – 6.7 metres x 2.5 metres beam on ‘A ‘berth

Fees & Rates – Amount payable by lessee

  • Temp Membership Fee : R350.00 per week
  • Normal days on berth – R100.00 per day
  • School Holidays : R140.00 per day
  • Easter / Dec / Jan : R240.00 per day
  • Trailer parking : day @ R25 per week (members)
  • Trailer parking : day @ R50 per day (non members)
  • Trailer parking : month @ R100 per month (members)
  • Long lease : Six months – R3 300.00
  • Long lease : One year – R8 700.00

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