October 2020 News

02 October 2020 

Dear Members

The Covid numbers in South Africa are improving and things are definitely looking up! Life will never be the same as it was before all this happened, but we are becoming accustomed to the new way of doing things. I would just urge everyone to remain careful and to stick to the recommended precautions to reduce the risk of infection. We dare not allow the infection rate to get out of control again, as it has in many other countries. The effect of another hard lockdown would be utterly devastating in every way.

On that subject, it is going to be very interesting to see how tourism recovers over the next while. Hopefully South Africans will wake up to the fact that there is actually far more to see and do in our country than there is elsewhere, and we should see a lot more domestic travel in the time ahead. Already, there is a sense that there are many visitors back in Knysna and I am sure that nearly all of them are local travellers. I have a theory (not very well thought out!) that domestic tourism makes a double contribution to the economy. Firstly every rand spent on travel within South Africa contributes to economic growth, while every rand spent here rather than overseas saves on “imports” which is also good for GDP. Perhaps one of our learned Members will be better equipped to explain whether my theory is correct!

The LIBC management team is really looking forward to the summer season and to seeing all our friends again! To say that this has been an unusual year would be the understatement of the last hundred years, but it has been unusual in more ways than just a pandemic! The wather too has been unusual! We have had an unusually cold, wet and windy winter, but the bad weather has been interspersed with some stunningly beautiful sunny and calm days and I think we can look forward to a gorgeous summer. A good number of members are once again making use of the Club whenever we have one of those lovely days but overall the lagoon seems to be quiet which I suppose is normal for this time of the year. If, like myself, you put your boat and equipment into storage at the beginning of the lockdown, I suggest that now is the time to start servicing everything and get ready to get out on the water. Don’t leave everything to the last minute and then have to rush around sorting out everything! Let us all put 2020 behind us and let’s feel some salt spray in our faces once again. We all need it!


An important feature of this newsletter is to inform Members about the revised fees and levies for 2020/21. LIBC’s financial year end is 30 September and invoices will be sent out for the new financial year early in October.

The LIBC financial report and annual financial statements for 2020 will be presented at the AGM in December, but because the financial year end is 30 September, the Committee has to prepare the budget for 2020/21 and set the fees and levies for the forthcoming year well in advance, and then table them for formal approval at the AGM. The revised figures which have been determined by the Committee are set out below:

ENTRANCE FEE R3 700.00 R4000.00 Once-off payment
ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION R1 130.00 R1 200.00 Membership fee/year
HARBOUR BERTH LEVYR2 600.00R2 800.00Per year
MEMBERS TRAILER PARKR1 400.00R1 500.00Trailer park/year
TEMPORARY TRAILER PARKINGR50.00R 50.00Temporary trailer park/dayduring season only
CANOE RACKR570.00R 620.00Per year
OUT-OF SEASON PER WEEKR350.00R 400.00Per week
OUT-OF-SEASON PER MONTH R 1 000.00Per month
1/12/2020-15/01/2021R600.00R 660.00Per week
PER MONTH DEC-JANR1 700.00R 1 900.00Per month
OUT-OF SEASON PER DAYR100.00R120.00Per day
EASTER AND DEC/JAN PER DAYR240.00R 260.00Per day
SIX MONTHS (BERTH MUST BE VACATED OVER DEC-JAN)R3 300.00R 3 300.00Per six months
ANNUALR8 700.00R 8 700.00Per year
VISITOR SLIPWAY LAUNCH FEE*R100.00R 100.00Per launch/day

* Note: Visitors who arrive by boat and wish to park in the harbour for the day or part thereof, will be required to pay the applicable daily Berth Hire Rate, PLUS the R100.00 launch fee, regardless of whether or not they use the slipway, and subject to the availability of berths. Note also that the transit jetty is strictly for loading and unloading of passengers and equipment. Boats may NOT be moored there for longer than five minutes.

The Committee is very mindful of the extremely difficult economic climate and the effect of the Covid pandemic, and we have done our best to balance this against the future sustainability of LIBC. The very necessary project to overhaul the jetties has just been completed and already we see that the next challenge will be to replace the perimeter fencing which is beginning to show signs of serious corrosion. The possibility of future security upgrades and improved security lighting are further major items of expenditure on the radar.


I am pleased to report that, as we reach the financial year end on 30 September, LIBC’s finances remain in a healthy and strong position notwithstanding all the turmoil of the year and the cost of the jetty repairs. Basil has put in a massive effort to upgrade the Club’s financial management system and just a few days ago he informed me that he can finally say that he is finished and everything is up to date!

Unfortunately, however, as is the case every year, there are a few Members who are in arrears and a significant amount of money is outstanding. There may be perfectly valid reasons for this situation but over the next few weeks we will be vigorously following up on everyone who owes money and you can soon expect a call!

Please be aware that the Committee has formally decided that any Member who remains in default will be denied access to the Club and its facilities (including the jetties and trailer park) and their membership will be suspended or terminated all in accordance with the LIBC Constitution.

A matter which is of concern is the fact that cases of fraud involving electronic banking payments have been reported during recent months in Knysna. The crime involves invoices and/or account statements being intercepted and bank account details being altered, with the result that payments go into the wrong account. Please be aware of this. The LIBC banking details remain unchanged and we will not amend them so please contact LIBC Management should you receive any correspondence of this nature. Do not act on any email purportedly from LIBC in which our banking details are changed.The LIBC banking details are confirmed as follows:Account name: Leisure Isle Boat ClubBank: FNB KnysnaAccount number: 52700018099


A matter which is becoming a concern to the Committee is the increasing number of boats which appear to be venturing out onto the Lagoon at night with the objective of illegal bait collection and fishing. It would appear that many of these boats are visitors from elsewhere, such as George and Mossel bay and some of them are using the LIBC slipway as their launching site, no doubt because it is away from the public eye. It is unacceptable for LIBC to be used for such purposes and we are considering various ways of overcoming the problem without any any way restricting the legitimate activities of LIBC Club Members. We will keep you informed!


A reminder that the new website is up and running thanks to Andrew Aveley. The website is full of interesting information and news and we are in the process of adding further documents all the time so please visit it and make use of this very valuable asset.

Do not forget the new LIBC Contact details as follows:

Physical address:  

Erf No 2060, 0 Links Drive, Leisure Isle, Knysna, 6571

Phone                     079 378 8252

Note that the phone is manned during LIBC office hours only,

06h00-18h00 every day of the year, except Xmas day

Email : libcknysna@gmail.com

Website: www.libcknysna.co.za

LIBC no longer has a fax facility.

LIBC GATE NUMBER: 065 509 3553

Please store the number on your cellphone and those of your immediate family who may want to enter the Members’ enclosure. Also make sure that all such numbers are registered with Clive and Margie so that the gate control mechanism recognises your number. Please do not expect Clive or Margie to open the gate for you!!!!

Note that the old existing landline connection will shortly be discontinued.


The response to update the Members’ details has been disappointing and we again ask you to complete the new Members’ details on line by clicking on the link below and then simply complete the form and press submit. If you have any problems, contact Clive at the Club and he will assist. If preferred, you may manually complete a form at the Club.

Note that all information is strictly confidential and NO information is stored on the website or anywhere else apart from the Club computer. If you have difficulty completing any item on the form, please simply state “UNKNOWN” and we will be able to follow up with you in due course.



We recently heard that Dr Louw Claassens, the Director of the Knysna Basin Project, is moving to greener pastures. This is obviously a great disappointment and a concern to LIBC because we have provided considerable financial support to KBP for several years and Louw has been the energetic driver of the organisation up until now. Hopefully a new Director will be appointed soon and in the meantime we will stay in contact and make sure that any further funding is wisely spent.

The email which Louw sent to all her contacts in Knysna is reproduced below:

As many of you might already know, I have decided to move on from the Knysna Basin Project and Knysna. This was quite a tough decision, as I am also moving on from an estuary full of awesome critters that’s very near to my heart (especially the very special Knysna seahorse!). 

I want to thank all of you for welcoming me to Knysna (Plett; Sedgefield; Wilderness; George), working with me during my time at the Knysna Basin Project and sharing a passion for Knysna and its environment. I think that during the past six years, we have achieved some amazing things – especially with regards to learning more about the Knysna seahorse! 

Even though I am moving on, Knysna (Plett; Sedgefield;  Wilderness; George) and all its critters will always remain important to me – and I am excited to follow all future developments! I am also very happy to continue to help with any future work in Knysna – where I can! 

In particular, any future research, management or conservation developments focused on the Knysna seahorse! If there are any new developments in this regard – please do get in touch – my email address will be the same! 

I hope to be back in Africa in the future – continuing with my work on seahorses and pipefish! In the meantime, I wish all of you and Knysna (Plett; Sedgefield; Wilderness; George) the best and look forward to staying in touch! 

All the best

Dr Louw Claassens

Thats is all for now !

The Committee 

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