Boat Lengths

Leisure Isle Boat Club Knysna: 

The maximum length of any boat permitted in our harbour, measured
from bow rail to any projection beyond the transom (excluding the motor) is:

                                                   Jetties B/C/D/E            Jetty A
Boat fitted with outboard motor        6.1 mts                  6.7 mts
Boat fitted with Jet propulsion          6.5 mts                  7.2 mts
Width of the above boats                 2.4 mts                  2.5 mts
Displacement of above boats            .6 mts                     .6 mts


a) Measurement to be from bow rail to transom.
b) In the case of jet propulsion, the measurement to be from bow rail to transom or any projection beyond the transom.
c) The maximum length of a trailer shall not exceed 8.5m
d) No deviations from the above will be permitted.
e) “Out-mounts” for motors are added to the length of the hull for measurement purposes
f) Boats fitted with outboard motors may have projections behind the transom, such as ski seats, ladders, etc, provided that such items may not project beyond the side of the transom, nor may they project beyond the “leg” of the outboard motor, when the motor is in the operating (down) position.
g) Boats which exceed the maximum dimensions for A Jetty may only be launched from the slipway by special permission from Harbour Management and may not be berthed in the harbour or transit jetty at any time.