Rates & Charges

LIBC charges are as follows (Valid from 1 October 2018):

  Service and(or) Facility
Cost Frequency
  Entrance fee R 3,400 Once off
  Subs R 1,050 per Annum
  Berth levy R 2,400 per Annum
  Trailer parking  R 1,300 per Annum
  Canoe storage (rack) R 570 per Annum
  Temp membership R 330 (R 550 Dec / Jan) per week
  " R 1,500 per month
  Launch fee (Slipway) R 100 per one launch and retrieve
  Berth hire R 90 per day off season
  " R 140 per day school holidays
  " R 220 per day Easter / Dec / Jan
  Long lease of beths R 8,200 for 12 months rent payable in advance
  " R 3,080 for 6 months rent** payable in advance
**Boat needs to be removed over Easter and Christmas school holidays (6 month lease only).