LIBC Newsletter - January 2015


Hi everyone . We wish you all everything you wish yourselves for 2015.(Like no Easterly winds and calm Westerly’s, glassy lagoon waters, lotsa nice sized mullet, big hungry fish everywhere, Bloodworm crawling across the sandbanks, less speeding boats etc.)

LIBC Newsletter - July 2014


Hi Folks.
From now on we will post out regular Newsletters with the aim of:
1.    Keeping our Members informed of changes, made or pending to our Club as a result of the changing times.
2.    Giving all, updated Club stats on Membership , finance, maintenance and security issues.
3.    Helping with some boating and fishing tips,and
4.    Giving a voice to both committee and members ,to lessen some frustrations brought about by our infrequent get to-gethers.