LIBC Newsletter - Jan 2016

Well the end of a very eventful and successful year in your club and the start of hopefully an even better one in 2016. On that note may your Committee wish you all, everything you wish yourselves. (My wife’s New Year resolution is to give up chocolate ---but she is not a quitter!).

AGM Synopsis

The meeting took place with about 28 members present. We take this as a sign that you are super happy with the club and the way it is being run! Anyway the meeting opened with a minutes silence, as a tribute to our long serving ex-Chairman,Damian Nicol.The club was presented with a superb picture of him with a great catch of Learies.

After two years of being in the red by R40,000 ;we ended this year with a surplus of R200,000. Thanks were given to the Committee and in fact every club member for the support of the higher tariffs and many contributions during the year. This meant we able to make Donations to the Knysna Sports school again of R40,000 and we upped the amount for NSRI to R15000.

Craig did good work on ‘modernising ‘our Constitution in collaboration with our lawyer. The new version will be replacing the older version on our website shortly. ( ) Members will see no real ‘substantive’ changes, hence the easy passage through the meeting.

You also all received detailed reports on our security issues and the work constantly being done to stay ahead of the perpetrators. The committee has agreed on moving the guard hut to somewhere near the boat washing area. This will be on a raised platform. However to further safeguard member’s property, an electric fence was proposed but because of the extraordinary expense of R105,000 ,it needed approval by our members. This was given and the committee can go ahead when they feel it becomes appropriate.

Thanks was given to Craig for his work on this and also to Arland for the new club website and the LIBC initiative talk he prepared and gave to 18 different organisations. This is an attempt to get more respect for our estuary through voluntary, no cost interventions. If that sounds complex, you can view the entire talk and Power Point presentation on the website.

Big thanks given to Lin Hall for his many years on the committee and the work he put into the harbour from its renovation till now. Happy fishing Uncle Lin. The committee welcomes Deon Steyn and Craig will fill Damian’s shoes as Vice Chairman.

Those that stayed after the meeting, enjoyed an excellent braai in the beautiful surroundings of LIBC.


Had a miserable El Nino start to the new fishing season. The birds did not return till early November. (They signal the return of baitfish and the resultant food cycle begins.) Then we had the coldest, most rainy and windy month ever. So fishing has been up and down like a bride’s nightie! Then if that wasn’t enough, the dreaded red tide came into the estuary mid-December. Wish we knew more about this phenomenon and its effect on fishing.(See pic below). Authorities advise against swimming in it or eating shellfish gathered in the affected areas. Hope springs eternal for the rest of the season which ends in about June. The green Gunge is still with us but on the decline methinks. Staff are trying to remove it from our harbour where it still collects en masse. Marine growth on non anti-fouled surfaces is rapid and dense. Watch your engine’s water intakes are not blocked.


The pic on the right is of the beautiful phosphorescence that can be associated with red tide. This magical sight can only be seen at night. If you see these fairy lights in your wake or as you trickle your fingers through the water, turn around and go back home!! No one has ever caught a fish, at night, during this phenomenon.

The Blue Sting rays graced us with their presence again mid Oct. They settle/mate/breed in the waterfront bays around Knysna Harbour. On the few clear water days, hundreds could be seen lying on the bottom. Anyone know the difference between a skate and a ray? Skates are Ovoparous which means like most fish in the sea they produce eggs which hatch outside the body. Rays on the other hand are Ovoviviparous which mean they hatch their young inside their body, so producing live young.

At night huge Blackwater Butterfly Rays up to 2m in diameter can be caught right up river along with 2m long Raggies. The Raggies are docile and put up little fight. Be careful handling any sized skate, their tail spines are at the base of the tail and are nigh lethal.

Remember that at spring low tide, the Horseshoe channel is almost un-navigable, so time your run an hour either side of low. At buoy 10, just past the Horseshoe, or at New Belvidere jetty, the tide is one hour 15 minutes later, than at the heads or what is published in the tide tables.

Have a look through our website—we have added road directions to our club from anywhere, to help your friends find us. Bait and fish limits are displayed. Please remember that these limits refer to possession. I.e.5x bloodworm caught yesterday and 5x today in the same container, means 10, or 5 over the limit. The fine for illegal bait buying is R2500 for a first offence. Just not worth it hey!

There is info about all the birds occurring in our estuary and even full copy of a presentation done to 18 different organisations involved with our Estuary. In this, LIBC described some voluntary “Code of Conduct Guidelines,” that if followed, will demonstrate more respect for our Estuary. Comments are always welcome and the talk can be re-presented at other venues if so required. We are also looking for more photos for our website and please tell us of other items our members may find of interest.

If you want local Boat Repair yards or friends to fix your boat and this requires removal of your boat from the club grounds, it would be wise to phone the club and advise of same, i.e. ‘Mr So and So is coming to pick up my boat tomorrow.’ We would hate to lose a boat to ever more resourceful thieves.

Please note that Michael does clean and antifoul boats etc.  This is done in his own time, AFTER HOURS. His costs are displayed at the boat washing station. Please pay him promptly. During the year he also empties water that has collected in certain boat covers. This is a fairly onerous and repetitive job, so please see him right for this and place a chair or something under your cover to encourage natural run off of water.

It is very important to process all berth sales through Cecil Milne (Club Treasurer).The sale is not legal until this part of the process is complete. By the way, membership stands at 400 which theoretically is our limit.

Harbour Report.

The Club has an on-going maintenance schedule, so during 2015 many jetty planks were replaced due to deterioration and the effect of the sun and wear / tear.  These planks were replaced with a marine grade timber with non-slip grooves on the top.  We also replaced a fair amount of high density foam which is attached to fingers to prevent boats from being damaged when tying up.

Members still need to make sure they have the regulation stickers on their boats / trailers and canoes. Boats need to have an oval sticker, i.e.  LIBC GAR002. Trailers, one sticker showing member's name and cell number, i.e. C DAVIS 084 491 0860.Second sticker showing member's official number and parking bay and  number (if applicable), ie : GAR002 LIBC 43.  Canoes, One sticker showing member's number, i.e.  GAR002 LIBC. All stickers are available from Loerie Signs 28 Green Street.  They know the size / colour etc. Thanks Clive.

Let’s all be safe out there this season. Skiers, use your red flags when you have a skier down. Please also note, no skiing above the white road bridge or in Ashmead Channel. All people in charge of a boat must be over 16. Stay away from the heads in an out-going tide and never anchor between the heads.

Tell me why it is called Tourist Season, if you can’t shoot them?! Just a joke, we luv you all.

Fly fishermen are born honest ,but they get over it!

Sanparks complain that they receive very few complaints about our estuary and the management thereof. Please report transgressions to Sanparks on their 24/7 no. 044-3822095 or Email  Johan De Klerk(Estuary Manager) at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about your concerns . Keep it brief.

Cheers to all,
Arland Read