LIBC Newsletter - October 2015

We chose a website designer some months ago and a committee of highly intelligent young fishermen worked with him to launch our club’s Website. We believe the advent of a website is going to be a game changer in our club due to the ease of interaction between members. The site IS NOW LIVE!!! Anyone who has digital photos or anything else that you think maybe of interest to other members, please let us know. Obviously the site is in its infancy and will change greatly over the next few months, as we all add material and learn about your needs. Some older folk will also take time to learn how to navigate the site. So exciting and we promise this is going to be a live site with constantly changing images and new info. Time for you businessmen to think about advertising.

Please help us advise all club members of this event as 30% still do not open our E- Mailed Newsletters. From now on Newsletters and other Notices will be uploaded onto the website. We will retain three on the site, archiving older issues. The site will also have a Facebook connection and other tricks.

More good news. Thank Neptune, spring is in the air at last, after one of our coldest winters ever. This was in part due to the very cold water that came and hung around for over 2 months. For ages it hovered at 12 degrees and often went down to 10 degrees, right up past the Red Bridge. No self-respecting fish can think about eating under these conditions. Blood worms burrowed to 5 meters depth! Along the beaches there were hundreds of cuttlefish from dead Choca, and on Estuary sandbanks, hundreds of pencil bait and Sea mouse shells.

Then on top of it all, we had the worst pollution/contamination of our lagoon that anyone has seen, and we are talking about the Green Gunge. Many different opinions about its origin, but whatever, Man was at the root cause. It laid 10 centimetres deep in places on shallow banks and when you raked it away, it was a desert underneath, as it had obviously cut off the oxygen or food supply for prawns and other organisms. Check out the picture of
it in our harbour.


Oh! By the way, be extra careful of ensuring your “tell-tale” water spout from your outboard is working and showing that you have cooling water flowing through your engine. This stuff blocks the intake, especially at no-wake speed, like when you ease out of our harbour. For sure, if you leave your boat in the water, even for a month, it will be covered in weed. Anti-foul becomes a must. If your depth sounder starts fluctuating, or not working, the sender unit is no doubt covered in weed .The pesky stuff also blocks that tiny hole on the leading edge of your propeller housing, that is necessary for a speedometer reading.

Went to an interesting talk by a Sanparks researcher at the Thesens Clubhouse. Here are just a few of the facts he presented:

  • 70% of fishing here was recreational
  • 30% Subsistence in 2002. Now it is 50/50%
  • There are about 25000 fishing outings pa resulting in about 40,000 fish being caught. (about 55 tons!).
  • 80% of fish are kept, 20%released.
  • 80% of fishermen agree with limits and 80% abide by limits.
  • 87% of fishermen asked thought that the 50 pppd prawn limit was too high.
  • Only 35% asked knew bait and fish size and number limits.
  • 70% of anglers want improved management.
  • Even 80% of subsistence fishermen have licences.

Unfortunately these are day time only figures as Sanparks do not operate at night. Wonder what the split is between day and night time fishing? For sure most illegal baiting takes place at night as there are no patrols.

Is there anyone in our club or that you know of, that can give us a talk on our Estuary and its ecology?? Be real appreciative to hear from you. All of us as Custodians need to know more about our unique Estuary.

Perhaps because of the cold and fewer boats, we have seen quite a few more seals, porpoise and flamingos in the Estuary. Mullet that were extremely scarce this season, appear to have come back. Henry our Heron has looked decidedly thinner! Some say that a cold winter brings more rain in summer? Sounds to be true so far!

Please guys, LIBC is the only place on Leisure Isle where there is a fenced off area and birds can lay eggs and bring up their young without being killed by dogs. Members also appreciate not standing in steaming landmines. We have not budgeted for poo bags and bins, so give us a break—all dogs on leashes –why not? If the friends you walk with can’t read, tell them what our signs say!

Clive has started the job of replacing faulty planks. There are about 10,000 planks of 8 different sizes in our harbour so it is an ongoing and long project. The wood being used is for heavy duty marine, and does not require varnishing, so that will be a big saving in varnish and labour going forward.

Dare we say that since those perpetrators were arrested, there have been no more incidents or fence cutting.

Cook a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you get rid of him for the whole weekend. (Free advice for our Lady Friends)

Just to end it off, here are the new Scale of fees for the forthcoming year OCT 2015 to Sept 2016. Still the cheapest and best in town and around!

  Service and(or) Facility
Cost Frequency
  Entrance fee R 2,300 Once off
  Subs R 800 per Annum
  Berth levy R 1,725 per Annum
  Trailer parking  R 920 per Annum
  Canoe storage  R 460 per Annum
  Temp membership R 175 per week
  " R 700 per month
  Launch fee (Slipway) R 80 per one launch and retrieve
  Berth hire R 60 per day off season
  " R 100 per day school holidays
  " R 140 per day Easter / Dec / Jan
  Long lease of beths R 6,210 for 12 months rent payable in advance
  " R 2,180 for 6 months rent** payable in advance
**Boat needs to be removed over Easter and Christmas school holidays (6 month lease only).

Cheers for now from your LIBC Team

PS: Thanks also to TERRY VAN AS who so often helps out at the club. When Clive is on leave or Oom Karel is having a knee replacement. Especially so since Terry is halfway through a Chemo course.

The Club would also like to appeal to active boating members to consider standing for the committee next year. We will be in need of a few members, so those who are interested please give your name to Clive who will pass the info on to the committee.

Wait until the birds are back before you start fishing!