LIBC Newsletter - January 2015

Anyway we ended last year with a Good AGM. We say this as it was the best attendance for years and then under General there were no complaints or contentious issues. Great to see old faces again! For sure chatting about one’s frustrations helps with misunderstandings and we must try meeting at other opportunities during the year. It would appear the new management and improved communication are helping . Most suggestions and complaints received via correspondence during the year were  positively resolved. Welcome to Craig Clarke ,our new committee member, his cell no. is 082 4530768! The committee is  appointed to take care of Member’s interests and we must try to get rid of this so called “Elitist” image ,because there is absolutely no reason for it. I just mostly see  cranky old fishermen dressed in  worn out clothes around the place with dated boats and gear having fun. Maybe our Visitors at Xmas ………………………….?
Berth Sales
Please remember that all berth sales must go through the club, and do not sell to a non-member. A non-member may not use the berth or rent it out!!
LIBC has received the following request from the Knysna Sports School Development Trust. (letter Abbreviated)
LIBC has contributed to social upliftment of our local community since 2008,  through annual donations to Knysna Sport School. Over this period  3000 disadvantaged children have reaped the benefits of sport, and 140 of these were directly sponsored by LIBC.
At our AGM in December 2013, this support was suspended due to the financial constraints the club finds itself in. However if members feel they would like to continue on an Individual basis, they can make voluntary donations  to Leisure Isle Boat Club, FNB Knysna, Branch 210214, Account 52700018099, and use the word ”donor” followed by your name as a reference, for example Donor A.Smith.
Thanks Colin  Mathiesen
LIBC Famous People!!!
                     We are sure that most members do not know that we have a famous world record holder amongst us, namely Maureen Colyn.  She still holds four world records for Tuna and Broadbill Swordfish, all caught when fishing from husband Ren’s boat from Hout Bay. She is the current holder for Longfin Tuna, also known as Albacore ,in the 4kg breaking strain class, with a fish of 19,5kg.In the 8kg class, a fish of  27kg and in the 24kg class, one of 32,5kg. Just to show you she can handle the big boys as well; she holds the record for Broadbill Swordfish of 135kg on 15kg line.
                      I happened to be out fishing the same night she caught her record fish. What makes it hard is that Swordfish are almost always caught only at night and earn their nickname “Gladiator of the sea”.  She hooked her fish at midnight and only landed it at 4.15am.Surely this is one record that will never be broken!!!
       Regards   Bob Busby
Wow thanks for that Bob.( catching a Grunter in the bay in the day last week of 1,7kg on 8kg line is not so special then. Damn ,will just have to tear up the photo.!!)
Fishing Tips
1.Cast Net tips. If you want to learn to throw them, look on the Internet or ask a friend who knows how. Impossible to explain. When you buy a cast net you have to choose between a small net for distance or a large diameter for coverage.  Each to his own. But maybe something like a 5 and a half foot (yes they are sold in feet for the American market) in RADIUS is a good start. Remove the thick 3 meter hand to net attachment line and replace it with one of 8 meters. Easy to throw that with the wind. When you buy the net, you will notice about 15 heavy nylon lines radiating from the apex to the skirt of the net where they end in a knot . Tighten this knot with some pliers and cut off the XS leaving only a centimetre of free nylon. (Helps prevents snarl ups when you cast). Where all the nylon passes into a sort of coloured plastic retainer at the apex ,wrap some thin nylon several times around and into the gap/slot. This is often where nets fail, and if the ends start to come out here ,they are impossible to replace.
2.If you cast from the shore and get lucky ,you place your catch of mullet in a bucket (with no holes ,because you will have to put them in your car for portage),then you walk out to get a few more ………but only get lucky 20 minutes later .You then may find the first batch of mullet stiff from oxygen starvation. You can of course constantly refresh this water or better still, mount one of those Aquarium aerators on the top of the bucket. Place it in an appropriately sized air tight Tupperware  type sandwich box that you have bolted to the lid. Drill a small hole in the Tupperware box as the aerator needs to suck air. Not so easy to describe these things but of course you can ask us at the club.
1.Tide tables .On average tide changes are 15 minutes later at the heads, than indicated; at least 40minutes later at the railway bridge , an hour at Belvidere, and at least an hour and ¾ later at the road bridge.
2. We have a member wanting to buy one of the “A” berths. If you have one to sell please advise Clive G-D, our club Manager.
3.Talking about berths---our harbour is made up of over 10,000 planks!!!!!  Quite a task to eventually have to replace ,even over 10 years.And the cost!!! Please bequeath us a small legacy in your will and we promise you perfect fishing in the afterlife!  In the meantime ,please guys ,those who have not paid their subs,outstanding since October,--PAY!
4.Retrieving your anchor. Not so easy with a fast running Spring tide .But guys ,not safe if you have a Cabin boat ,to climb over the top to the front of your boat. There really is an easy way but difficult again to describe without sketches etc . Please ask some of the regulars about how to fit an extra piece of rope attached to your main anchor rope with a jockey pulley.
LAGOON RESPECT    This year,LIBC would like to lead an initiative to improve the respect boat owners give to our Lagoon and other lagoon users. This Xmas we had  more boats out on the lagoon than in previous years for many reasons. One of the them is that past floods in the area have wiped out boating in the Sedgefield area and restricted boat speed to 10km/hr on the Keurbooms (Plett),below the road bridge. So guys wanting to ski etc., have to come here. All of us who used the only natural  lagoon in SA over the festive season,  witnessed all sorts of mayhem.
 Speeding with huge wakes all over the lagoon . Especially at Low tide there is little space for canoeist and Stand-up –boarders to get out the way. Many were swamped and beginners battle to get back on board. Large wakes also flood sand banks and nesting birds. Shore based and boat fishermen had their lines cut up. Seals, Dolphins, Ospreys and Fish Eagles left our lagoon ;as did HENRY, LIBC’ club mascot, a friendly Grey Heron! Fish would never enter a lagoon and go on the bite in those conditions. All fish disappeared to the nether regions of our lagoon ,including the mullet. Never heard of anyone catching a fish—did you??? People were water skiing from 5am and continued to 8pm (no way of seeing a red flag indicating skier in water ),giving no chance for sundowners ,house boaters and people living near the water, any chance of enjoying their ‘peace’ of our lagoon. The total disregard for our bait reserves and recommended bait quantities ,was distressing.
Are we not sort of killing the Goose that laid the Golden Egg---the egg in this case being our lagoon? We believe that if we do not self regulate ,we will be forced into a whole bunch of severe regulations.
So we want to get together with the other Boating clubs, SanParks, Fishing shops etc., and come up with some suggestions that will be made known to all our Members and Customers, to create more awareness and  help preserve our lagoon for future generations.  We really welcome suggestions here and will list them in forthcoming Newsletters.
Cheers for now Arland